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Fall 2016 Classes from Dogboy NYC.!

Tricks Class

The tricks class has amazing benefits for you and your pup. Not only will you gain a deeper understanding of how to train your dog to do practically anything, but your pup will get the physical and mental stimulation that he/she deserves. Some of the fun tricks that may be covered are waving, spin, rollover, “bang, bang” and more!

When – Starts 11/29, Tuesdays – 3 week course

Time – 8PM

Where – Wag Club, 360 Furman Street, Brooklyn

Instructor – Rob

Prerequisites – Your dog must have a firm grasp of basic obedience


Basic Obedience

It’s nearly impossible for the typical urban canine to avoid distractions walking the streets of New York City. That’s why it’s especially important that your dog has street smarts and learns to mind his Ps and Qs. In this 6-week course I will teach you practical, humane and scientifically sound techniques to promote healthy leadership and a lifelong bond of understanding and respect. Learn basic commands such as LOOK AT ME, SIT, DOWN, STAY, LEAVE IT, HEEL and COME.

When – Starts 11/30, Wednesdays – 6 week course (Holiday break 12/19 – 30, class resumes 1/4/17 and ends 1/18/17

Time – 8PM

Where – Wag Club, 360 Furman Street, Brooklyn

Instructor – Rob

Prerequisites – None


Puppy + Wine

This wildly popular class is perhaps the most important you will take. Puppies go through a stage of social development that ends between 12 – 16 weeks. During this time, it is critical to expose them to as many social situations as possible. This is an opportunity for pups to learn how to elicit and end play, how hard to use their mouths, and basically how to get along with other members of their own species safely.  Under the supervision of a trained professional, humans can ask puppy questions and learn about their own dogs play style and personality.  This fun and educational experience is enhanced with a free glass of wine from the folks at Waterfront Wines. Sampled wines are also available for purchase at a discount. Due to the popularity of this class, we must limit the number of pups to 10 per class. You will need to register ahead of time through Wag Club and provide your vaccination records. Contact Wag Club

When – Every Monday, 7:30 to 8:30pm (Ongoing – RSVP required!)

Where – Wag Club, 360 Furman Street, Brooklyn

Instructor – Robert

Prerequisites – Puppies must be under 16 weeks of age and have 2 rounds of vaccinations with records.

How much – $20 per class.  RSVP is required


Pack Leader – A must read for all dog owners

My sister recently sent me this article. It is a quick easy read which clearly illustrates where the concept of pack dominance came from, and how it is deceptively easy to use as a scape goat for many big ticket behavior problems. I never consider anyone using force and intimidation to gain compliance or “submission” from their dog a bad person. Instead i see them as a deeply devoted dog enthusiast with incomplete information. I hope this helps open some doors for those of you who swear by the pack leader philosophy and helps you deepen your bond and with your best friend and family member.  falling for the leader of the pck

Training Tip: A Dog’s Training is Never Done

For a dog – training is never done. Learning is a life-long endeavor and a dog’s behavior is always in flux. Sometimes, they finally get what you have spent weeks trying to teach them, and other times, they seem to completely forget something they used to do with expert precision. It’s important to always continue to train your dog both new and old behaviors. Most of what we ask of our dogs is a bit counterintuitive for them — don’t jump on guests, walk in a straight line and keep my pace, don’t sniff everything or play with every dog may seem like a piece of cake to a human but to a dog, it’s pretty challenging. Keeping it fresh and exciting is the key to keeping your dog interested in your silly little rules. Another good thing to keep in mind is your dog doesn’t owe you anything. When I hear someone say “but he should know that” I am quick to remind them that he will always repeat what has worked for him in the past. If that is humping, pulling or barking, he is going to keep on doing it. It’s our job to teach our dogs what is expected and teach him that following our lead is more rewarding than not. That it’s an ongoing relationship builder. Now get out there and train your dog!


Ruff Rules Episode Three – How to Crate Train a Dog


Check out the next episode of my web series Ruff Rules, viagra decease where I teach techniques for crate-training your dog through positive reinforcement. This is useful information for anyone with a dog who fights the crate.
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Preparing Your Dog for a Baby


I conducted a seminar this week on preparing your dog for a new born baby. There are many things to cover on this subject but the going theme was to make a plan and stick to it.

Does your dog jump on guests? Does he bark at outside noises? Where these things may have flown under your radar until now, viagra ambulance they will likely be a really big deal in a few months. Decide now what the rules will be and let your dog know what’s expected.

Will your dog be allowed to sleep in the bed? Will you allow him into the nursery? These are things that will be difficult to teach once the baby comes and you are overwhelmed. Teaching your dog that some nights he sleeps on the floor or waits for permission to come into the nursery and then goes to a designated spot like a dog bed, viagra will be much easier to teach now over the next few months rather then all at once while everyone is confused and sleep deprived.

These are just two examples of things you need to be prepared for, but the first step is making the plan. No detail is too small. Bringing a baby home can be stressful on your dog, but it doesn’t need to be. Don’t wait for game time to practice the game.