Bonnie & Clyde

“As a first time dog owner, viagra and not just one doggie but two, Robert was a real life-saver and counselor. I hired him to train the puppies, and not only did he accomplish that, but more importantly he trained me!!”
– Dianna Taylor & Mayor Michael Bloomberg


“Rob taught us how to work with Parker in a way that we feel good about and that Parker really responds to. We had been trying things from books and from advice we had gotten, but Parker never really seemed to get it until we had some direction and consistency with Rob. He is wonderful with Parker and had him learning right off the bat through positive reinforcement and affection & treats as motivation. We love Rob so much and Parker thinks they are best friends. “
– Ashley & Allen


“For a little dog, Siouxsie used to be a holy terror.  When we first brought her home, she was crippled with anxiety.  Any sound or quick movement would scare her, and she remained GLUED to my side at all times.  I couldn’t do normal things like go to the bathroom, take a shower, or walk out the trash without Siouxsie LOSING HER MIND — forget about going to work or out with my friends!   As soon as I was out of sight, she would bark (endlessly!), pee, scratch, destroy my belongings … you name it!  When I called Robert, I was at my wit’s end.  I hadn’t slept in weeks, was spending a fortune on “doggie daycare”, and thought I had tried every behavior modification technique out there.

Though Siouxsie was anxious around Robert initially, he has a great way with her, and she has really warmed up to him (a real triumph for her).  With his guidance and support, Sioux and I have learned to manage her anxiety.  Over the past 4 months, Robert helped me teach Siouxsie a variety of confidence building skills, all of which have helped her to evolve into the fun, bouncy, bright puppy-dog that she is today.  I can now leave her home alone (crate-free!), and she is cool as a cucumber when guests come by the apartment.  Truly, she is a completely different dog.  Thanks, Robert!! “
– Elizabeth Janka


“Rob’s success with our dog Coppi has been amazing. A shelter rescue that came with some anxiety issues, Coppi had taken to barking ferociously at anyone who came into our home. What really impressed us about Rob was the way he first looked at the big picture of her overall personality and how we could strengthen our relationship with general obedience and positive reinforcement. We quickly saw a huge improvement! Then we focused on the specific stranger-barking issue, where Rob really seemed to tap into what Coppi needed—and it wasn’t about correcting her “bad” behavior, or trying to bribe or distract her with treats. Instead, it was about really understanding what her triggers were and what we needed to do to make her feel at ease. He figured out a “timeout” technique that works great—not only stops her barking, but also truly helps her *completely* relax in front of visitors. Recently we had the ultimate test: houseguests who stayed for the entire weekend. Coppi passed with flying colors! We are still amazed at the changes in her, and can’t thank Rob enough for his help.”
– Nina Mazuz & Conor Brady


“Robert is a natural with dogs. His insightful and positive approach to training and problem solving works! Our dog Lucy will do anything for Robert.”
– Ann, Charlie, Francesca and of course, Lucy


“Our pit bull Rooney had always been a little unpredictable when meeting other dogs on the leash, as well as being a serial puller. Then she was attacked by some guard dogs near our home and soon after that thrown out of doggie daycare because of aggressive and defensive behavior. That’s when I contacted Robert. We had been trying for months to train her using correction-based methods without much success. Within weeks of practicing Robert’s approach  – positive reinforcement rewards, learning Rooney’s body language – we had a happier dog and a better relationship with her. Rooney is no longer that crazy pit bull making all the noise on her walks, but the good girl sitting and looking at me, walking sedately, making me proud. I would not have believed such a good result unless I had experienced it myself. As well as being a wonderfully positive and affectionate presence around dogs, Robert has a real talent for leading the owner to the conclusion or breakthrough they need to make, rather than lecturing or prescribing a list of rules. His insight into Rooney’s probable background and genetics has helped us begin to learn what we can and cannot expect of her. I called Robert in a panic over my “problem” dog that I was unable to control; thanks to him I feel totally confident walking her, and that with my help she can be trusted to behave as I want her to behave. “
– Muffin Spencer


“Panda (my 2 year old border collie) began showing signs of aggression towards visitors and on walks around age 14 months.  He never displayed aggression towards family members or dogs; only fear related or protective aggression towards strangers and aggressive responses to specific triggers on walks (lunging at passing runners and bikers — unpredictable behavior).  The situation escalated when he nipped a passerby on the street.  This meant an end to trips to the dog run and limited many other social activities.  Robert came highly recommended by numerous sources in Brooklyn Heights.  He was able to connect with Panda quite quickly to my surprise and has taught us some wonderful techniques for gradually (and safely) working with Panda.  Since starting training sessions in October 2010, gentle incremental changes have taken us to a new place including a major improvement in Panda’s walking and socializing habits.  Robert definitely possesses a natural acuity and influence in working with aggressive dogs.  Professionally, Robert is always on time (offers great rates and deals on training packages) yet never seems to be keeping an eye on his watch during a session.  He clearly derives great pleasure from his work; needless to say I highly recommend him.”
– Michelle Marie Spratt


“We came to dogboy for help with a 6-month old puppy that was suffering from separation anxiety issues. Oscar warmed to Robert immediately, and based on his advice, we within weeks were able to go out for a leisurely dinner without worries that our pup would bark, chew, and generally panic for our entire time away. Follow-up sessions focused on tweaking the behavior of an already good natured puppy, as well as making a transition to having a newborn at our house. As first-time dog owners, we especially appreciated that Robert was available to answer our many questions via email or phone!”
– Lisa J.