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Training Tip: A Dog’s Training is Never Done

For a dog – training is never done. Learning is a life-long endeavor and a dog’s behavior is always in flux. Sometimes, they finally get what you have spent weeks trying to teach them, and other times, they seem to completely forget something they used to do with expert precision. It’s important to always continue to train your dog both new and old behaviors. Most of what we ask of our dogs is a bit counterintuitive for them — don’t jump on guests, walk in a straight line and keep my pace, don’t sniff everything or play with every dog may seem like a piece of cake to a human but to a dog, it’s pretty challenging. Keeping it fresh and exciting is the key to keeping your dog interested in your silly little rules. Another good thing to keep in mind is your dog doesn’t owe you anything. When I hear someone say “but he should know that” I am quick to remind them that he will always repeat what has worked for him in the past. If that is humping, pulling or barking, he is going to keep on doing it. It’s our job to teach our dogs what is expected and teach him that following our lead is more rewarding than not. That it’s an ongoing relationship builder. Now get out there and train your dog!


Ruff Rules Episode Three – How to Crate Train a Dog


Check out the next episode of my web series Ruff Rules, viagra decease where I teach techniques for crate-training your dog through positive reinforcement. This is useful information for anyone with a dog who fights the crate.
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Ruff Rules Episode Two – How to Get Your Dog to Stop Pulling the Leash

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In the next episode of Ruff Rules, generic cialis prostate Sadie learns to ignore distractions and direct her attention to her owner when being walked.
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Dogboy gets a shout out in the NY Times!

I was recently interviewed by the NY Times about mayor Bloombergs dogs, generic viagra Bonnie and Clyde, who I trained as puppies a few years ago. I check in on them from time to time and am glad to see them making headlines.  Check out the article here!

Dogboy featured in The Magical Link by Barbara Meyers

We are proud to announce that Dogboy, buy viagra here Robert Haussmann, will be featured in a new book!

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