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Book Announcement
The Magical Link – Love, generic Mystery and Other Secrets About the Bond Between Animals and People
By Barbara Meyers

The Magical Link will be released as an E-Book and in soft cover in 2012. The E-Book edition will be compatible with all E-Reading devices such as Kindle, Nook, IPad, etc. Updates on the release date, how and where it will be available to you can be followed here on http://www.dogboynyc.com/ or http://www.holisticanimalconsultingcenter.com/

Please Note: If subject of children and their relationships with animals are of special interest to you, among the many other topics in The Magical Link, there is an entire chapter exclusively devoted to children and animals.

It describes how to talk to children about animals and animal death, includes a story written in the voice of a seven year-old boy about the death of his beloved dog and describes how to teach and encourage healthy mourning in children and much more.

In addition, the entire book is peppered with special areas for and about children and their relationships with animals, animals and violence in fairy tales and film and how to teach children to enjoy kind, healthy relationships with companion animals and wildlife.