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What I have learned from Max

It was summer time in Y2K. I lived on Long Island and had just met Kim, discount cialis recipe the girl I would marry 6 years later. We had met as friends through my sister Julie. She was funny, kind and surprisingly approachable. The first time we went out, I was to pick her up at her house. I had a glitch in my sense of direction and I found myself hopelessly lost. I called her up and bashfully explained my predicament. She knew where I was and decided it was easier to meet me at the gas station, where I had called from, and have me follow her back than to try and explain the complicated side roads. Ten minutes later she pulled up in a little silver car. Almost at once I noticed the small white dog, levitra riding shotgun. She rolled down her window and introduced me to the dog that would help shape my skills as a dog trainer. The dog who became my constant companion for the next 11 years, the dog who listened patiently as I practiced what I would say when I asked Kim to marry me and the dog that would be there the day we brought our daughter home from the hospital. She introduced me to Max.

My Dog Max

After 6 years in our current apartment my dog Max still occasionally stops at the 2nd floor apartment although we live on the 3rd floor. He seems baffled when I come down and show him the way. It reminded me about keeping realistic expectations of out pets and that some behaviors are just not that big a deal. Max is awesome and well trained, cialis sale cheap if he never figures out what floor he lives on its cool with me.