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Dogboy on Bravo!

dogboy_pregnant_in_heels2Over the summer my friend and owner of dog addiction day care in Williamsburg, viagra canada pilule Priti, viagra called and asked if I would want to appear in an episode of a new show called Pregnant in Heals which was being shot for the bravo network. The episode involved a couple with a spoiled little dog who were about to have a baby and were worried about the dog adapting to a little brother or sister. It was a completely surreal experience but one I’m glad I had. I was informed about the dog and owner while in the elevator on the way up to the apartment. When I got off the cameras were already rolling. I must say that the dog did great considering its circumstances and the added commotion of a film crew in her face. I may seem a little “deer in the headlights” at times but I feel like it was a good first experience. Watch me on Pregnant in Heels: Sausage Dog back into Shape

New York Pet Show

I had a great time at the NYC pet show and would like to thank for having me. I got to meet lots of great dogs and lots of great owners. Some issues were small and some were pretty hairy but everyone seemed to appreciate some advice and I wish them all the best of luck!

Here are some nice words from the good folks at as well as some more pics from the NYC pet show.