I have recently been doing some work with a great organization called The SATO Project. The SATO Project rescues stray dogs from the beaches of Puerto Rico, buy viagra cialis provides them with veterinary care and vaccines, generic viagra advice and flys them to NYC to be enrolled in their foster service until they find permanent homes. I have been providing behavioral consultation for their fosters and permanent caretakers including a written protocol that was beautifully designed by Sophie Gamand of The SATO Project (also of Striking Paws). This is a great organization run by dedicated and determined folks whom have become personal friends. For more info on adopting, fostering or donating please follow this link:


All donations are tax deductible. I can also say first hand that the dogs available through The SATO Project are incredible animals! Please check out The SATO Project’s “Mission Possible” video, about the day The SATO Project transported 19 dogs in one single commercial flight. Read more about it here.