I performed a behavior evaluation with a Pit bull named Jakey for a rescue group called Ruby’s Rangers last week. He is currently at Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn NY. Jakey passed his evaluation with flying colors. He shows no sign of aggression around food (even when i pushed his head away). He is warm and very friendly toward people of all shapes, generic viagra sovaldi sizes and color. He showed very little aggression toward other dogs. find a domain . The little he did show was toward an un-neutered mail and had to be provoked quite a bit before he let out a low growl.  Jakey would need to go to an owner who can handle his size and has enough experience to work with any behaviors that may arise.

In my opinion Jakey would make a lovely pet dog. I am offering a few sessions to his adopter/foster depending of course on their location. Please spread the word Jakey is scheduled to be euthanized on Thursday which would be a real shame